Thank you.

Thanks to everyone who left comments and helped me decide on what bed to get. I am horrible with making decisions like that. I have never had that many comments on anything on my blog so that was pretty cool. I really like hearing your feedback. It's really awesome.

Anyways I need to post a picture from Halloween. I'll do that soon. Also last night I got to go see Coldplay. It was amazing. So inspiring. I can't believe we got in.

Anyways tomorrow I have to be up at 5am. We will be on Regis and Kelly and also we will tape One Life To Live. Should be pretty interesting.


SuperJade said...

What? You didn't catch any of Duffy's set?
Haha, I was probably busy watching Panic at the Disco at that time.
(And then after both shows were over, meeting you, Johnson, SInger, Tom, Mike, and I think Chris Carrabba.)

melanie said...

No problemo.

I'm glad had you had a good time at Coldplay. Twitter says you guys had awesome seats... that's always nice! & something about Bon Jovi? Aren't you a lucky ducky ;)

I hope you have fun doing Regis & Kelly and stuff tomorrow!