Just living the dream

I got a new phone yesterday. I seriously have waited for this thing for like 6 months. My old phone got to be so crappy. Anyways I'm stoked and can't stop playing with it.

This tour is almost over. Kinda sad that thing only thing I'll really miss is dinner time. I'm kidding I'll miss the bands too.

Kinda missing home. Can't wait to move in with Nick when I get back. It's gonna be wild.

Oh yeah GOBAMA!


Henry said...

awesome man! new album is pretty good too

melanie said...

New phones are fun. I haven't had one in five years :p

Aww, you're not gonna miss all your screaming fans?
If there's one tour I wish I could have gone to this year, it'd be RBL. I can't get over how good the lineup is/was! I'll be sad when it's over just 'cause I love watching videos on yuotube or seeing the updates on FOE and stuff. Not that you guys update there.. but Panic & the Cab do :)

I hope you have fun on your day off & when the tour is over. You a Nick are lucky to have each other and be such good friends.

Anonymous said...

De'mar i should post a picture of us when you my mother teresa and your mom kathy were at the park swinging, we both had hugh diapers and we were the same age i moved to south carolina when i was 4 and my mom and your mom are very good friends and she always talks about you and the last time my mom spoke with her yalls career was just starting off, i remember she told us to be looking out for (hate is a strong word) when me and my friend saw it and you were standing up banging the drums and rocking your head i felt so special to have known a star and oh yeah i even have pics of us at your birthday party. i hope that you will contact me so ask your mother about us. (ashley n thersa) south carolina

aliiicia said...

You know I would have cut off my right arm to go to that tour?

Such an excellent bill.

falloutatthechemicaldisco said...

I went to the last concert in Austin and it was AWESOME!! u guys were great!!
dude my fave song that u did was hate!! i love that song!!