New Plain White Website


We just launched our new website today. Check it out and become a member if you'd like.


melanie said...

Sweet. I like it! Blogs from the whole band :D Very nice.

Efrat said...

The new website rocks!
I totally loved the old one and was sad that you guys were going to change it into a point that whenever I went there and saw it's still the old one I was happy; but now I see that this new website is awesome as well and it's really great the whole members thing!

Maybe you'll guys have a fanclub soon as well? I would love to be part of a Plain White T's fanclub!
[Even though I don't have where to get money for it 'cause I'm gonna spend all my money on a Simple Plan show but whatever, if you will have an official fanclub I will be there no matter what]

So yeah it's a long comment for a short blog but I haven't been here for too long! (Was going through hard times and shcool shit... Never mind, now I'm back XD)

TAKE CARE, love you <3

Efrat said...

*just realized that there IS a fanclub*
But man, 35$? It's expensive.....
Oh well I geuss I will have to save money for that, but I will sure join there as soon as I get some! <3