The thing about festivals over here in Europe is that they can be very muddy. So this is a picture of me wearing what the Brits call "Wellies" or Wellington boots. They for sure came in handy. Leeds was awesome even though we got stuff thrown at us on stage. Good times. More pics to come soon from Reading. Did you know that we got to play with Metallica? It was weird.

P.S. I hate pictures of myself.


Hussy Lauren said...

Did you also try the "welly throwing" competitions?? British. <3

melanie said...

I have a shirt that says "Wendy's Wellies". Everyone always asks what it means xD

Efrat said...

I love pictures of yourself!!!
You look so cute! (:

When my friend saw the pictures inside the Every Second Counts CD she was all like pointing at you and "He's hot!"

tzer.. said...

do you guys really not have wellies in America?
you won't find anyone at a festival in Ireland without them..