1234 Video Shoot

Here are some pics of our video shoot for 1234 directed by none other than Michael "Doc Mike" Venezia. Pretty stoked on this video. I don't really care much for music videos. This one will be different. I will like it.

Tom, Mike, and Tim going over the scenes.

Tim looking at the extra's one sheet.

Mike closeup.


melanie said...

I feel like "Natural Disaster" just came out... Not that I'm complaining!

I'm listening to "Revenge" right now though. But "1234" is a really good song <3 The video looks interesting, sitting on... sheets? Hmm. Can't wait to see it!

alliwithani said...

Can't wait for that video! :]

virginia is for lovers said...

Glad to see you guys doing so well, so Obama can "Spread your Wealth".