The break is over.

Today our record came out and which means we will begin to have the craziest time of our lives again. It's a little scary but at the same time I can't wait to do everything we're about to do. I will not sleep until Sunday I believe. It's gonna be nuts. Tomorrow we tape the Tonight Show and the next day we will play Good Morning America. Then we come to Chicago and tape something for WGN, a local TV station, and then we have a singing at the Downer's Grove Best Buy. Then we're right back on a plane that night to San Fran to play a show the next day. Kinda hard to wrap m head around all this. Anyways if you've heard our record I hope you enjoy it. We are so proud.


&aliciaaa; said...

I'm looking forward to getting it :D

You should come back to Australia (Y)

nabii said...

congratulations! excited to hear it.

Your Biggest Fan said...

i got my cd in the mail yesterday, and i absolutly love it

you guys did a great job on it

Emily said...

Love the cd! It's great!


Amanda said...

I pre-ordered, but still don't have it!

aliiicia said...

What? I tried to find Big Bad World on iTunes aus... and it ain't there!

Is there a later release date for it here? Coz I want it :)

virginia is for lovers said...

My kids and I got our cd in the mail yesterday along with a rockin' PWT's t-shirt for my 12 year old daughter.

We love the new songs! We played the cd last night while we ate dinner. I couldn't tell the kids to keep their mouths closed while they were eating...we were all singing along.

Hope you survive the RUSH! The journey is the reward.

melanie said...

I love it <3
Congratulations guys!